Short Story Competition Winners!


The Short Story Competition invited children aged 7 to 18 to use their ‘exetreme imagination’ to submit a 250 word story, using the provided starting lines which were inspired by the competition’s sponsor, Radio Exe.

Daisi would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry to the exetreme imagination Short Story Competition. A total of 174 short stories were received, and the entries were reviewed by an illustrious panel of five judges – Simon Hall, Peter Bently, Lucy Jones, Ellen Renner and Clare George.

The winner of the 7 to 10 age category was Freyja Honey-Letschert, author of ‘Wild Onions’. Ellen Renner commented that the story showed ‘real flair and talent’.

The winner of the 11 to 14 age category was Sam Robinson, author of ‘The Truth Behind Jack Frost’. Lucy Jones commented that the story was ‘highly imaginative, with a fantastic ending!’.

The winner of the 15 to 18 age category was Christopher Wood, author of ‘With a Hammer’. When Christopher was told his story was a winner he told Daisi ‘I’m chuffed to bits with the news, I think you’ve made my year pretty early.’

The overall runner up was Kit Boothroyd, author of ‘Luke’s Radio’. Simon Hall commented that Kit was ‘a potential crime writer, after my own heart!’.

A further congratulation was also awarded to Freyja as her story was selected as the overall winner of the competition and she received a Mini Kobo e-Reader which was kindly donated by the Guildhall Shopping Centre.


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