Claymates Project

IMG_6585 (2)Conflict and Clay – 17/09/14

Spacex has invited pupils from Ellen Tinkham School to get stuck in with a series of clay workshops led by ceramicist Mandy Biscoe. Each workshop is based on the theme of personal conflict in day-to-day life and sees the exciting partnership of words and clay.

On Wednesday’s workshop, a group of young people from Ellen Tinkham aged 16-19 brought with them pieces of their own artwork created in previous sessions for inspiration. Words such as ‘belong’ and ‘POW’ which originally appeared in the artwork were pressed into a clay slab with string, then sponged and sprayed using toothbrushes dipped in coloured slip. On another slab, different coloured seeds and pulses were stamped and scattered across the clay to create a unique textured surface.

The session was fun, interactive and wonderfully messy! For many of the pupils, it was their first time working with clay. At the end of the workshop, they left the art gallery not only with smiles on their faces but also having created some fantastic pieces that are yet to be fired in the kiln.

Emma Pegg, Student Project Assistant, Exeter University


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