Spacex Exetreme Imagination: Claymate update


So far the clay workshops have been running for three weeks. The project is not only being documented through exetreme imagination and Spacex’s blog, but also through film and photography; by the 29th of October, the final film will have it’s debut at Spacex.

The last few weeks of hard work have meant that the ceramics are already starting to take shape. What’s more, last week the pupils further explored the changing facial expressions that conflict might cause, from shock to anger, and have made some fantastic masks to express this.

Wednesday the 1st saw another rewarding session. The idea that the way we feel can be affected by what we see, hear and smell was discussed. This was prompted through using herbs that were pressed into the clay producing lots of evocative smells and examples of sensory experiences that would help people who were experiencing conflict these included; being in the garden, in the woods listening to birdsong and to being around animals. Quite a few also talked about the sense of belonging that they had at school.

Emma Pegg, Student Project Assistant, Exeter University

Each clay workshop has been followed up with sessions that further explore conflict and resolution. Words that express these concepts are suggested, written, printed and responded to by the students in the group through a variety of materials and processes.

IMG_0506 copy


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