By Kira Taylor @kirataylor15

Chalk, boxes and general chaos.exetreme-twitter-thumb

Yesterday the colourful children’s section of Exeter Library played host to The Carousel Project and lots of little smiling faces, as they delved into a world of imagination. The session was for early years children and their families, inviting them to explore colour and movement and textures.

Spread out across the floor was a long piece of white cardboard surrounded by chalks. The children put two and two together. It was great to see lots of little imaginations running wild, as children played with the chalk, creating a colourful collage of clouds, flowers, rockets and squiggles.


There were also shoeboxes with leaves and sticks, soft toys and doll’s house furniture, for children to create their own worlds with the idea that a cardboard box can take you anywhere.

As they worked on filling their shoeboxes, the children interacted with each other, deciding together what they would put in. They created their own little worlds and proudly showed their parents. One box was jam packed with leaves and twigs, a neon green and purple snail, bigger than the accompanying wooden mouse and another mouse-like object. None of that mattered.

There were no restrictions on their imaginations; it was their world.

The session was run by Devon-based The Carousel Project, who work towards creative learning and outdoor adventures for young people.


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